If you have questions about donations or planned giving opportunities contact: 
URR Administrative Offices at
Telephone: 989-399-0007

Our mailing Address is:
5647 State Street Suite A
Saginaw, MI 48603




As part of our "go green" strategy, we started posting recognition of our donors on the website in the fall of 2010.  Lists can be accessed through the links below.


Cash donations received August 1, 2013 through November 30, 2013



In-kind donations are accepted at Under the Rainbow Resale Shop

You can download and use our In-Kind Donation Form if you plan to use your donation as a deduction on your income taxes.  The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires donors to value their items rather than the recipient.  As a guide, the form provides ranges for items commonly sold in thrift/resale stores.  Assume the items are in good condition, and remember - prices are only estimated values. 

Please understand that Underground Railroad, Inc.  does not provide tax advice, and we recommend that you check with a tax professional if you are seeking tax advice.



The emergency shelter currently houses forty-six women and children.  We also have up to 32 families in transitional or permanent housing at any given time. 

Emergency Shelter immediate needs include:
    • Baby Formula
    • Wash Cloths
    • Pillows
    • Twin Size sheets & Blankets
    • Collars and leashes-All sizes
    • Chew toys/dog toys
    • Cat Toys
    • ID Tags for dogs & cats
    • Grooming tools
    • Trifectant tablets for cleaning cages, crates and kennels
    • Women’s Pajamas, size large thru plus size
    • Women’s socks and Women’s underwear-(size 5-13)
    • Pajamas; Children sizes 4T and up, girls and boys
    • Boys underwear and socks-(size 4T-8)
    • Girls underwear and socks-(size 4T-8)
    • Cereal Bowls
    • Forks/Spoons
    • Plastic cups
    • Litter scoopers
    • Metal Food and Water Bowls
    • Towels and blankets to lay on

Like your household, we have ongoing needs that include:



  • Diapers size 5 and 6
  • Baby wipes & lotions
  • Diaper bags
  • Sleepwear: Children & women, all sizes including plus sizes for women
  • Slippers: all sizes
  • Baby wash/shampoo
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Deodorant
  • Bedding:Twin size sheets and twin size comforters
  • Cleaning supplies: disinfectant spray, comet, laundry soap, toilet bowl cleaner, dish soap
  • Paper products: toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex
  • Cereal bowls
  • Forks and spoons
  • Decorative items for guests rooms
  • First aid supplies
  • New coloring books and activity books
  • Back packs and school supplies
  • Gas cards
  • Phone cards


All donations can be dropped off at Under the Rainbow Resale Store, 5647 State Street.  They will be taken to the shelter by a member of our staff.