Advocacy / Therapy / Support Groups

Underground Railroad provides support services to survivors of abuse, as well as secondary survivors of abuse. Individuals do not have to be residing in emergency shelter to access support services. To discuss options for support, please call the helpline at 989-755-0411 or toll-free at  1-888-399-8385.


URR’s Advocates provide support to clients in the following ways:

  • Listening
  • Believing
  • Validating
  • Safety planning
  • Providing resources and information to assist with housing, financial resources,
    transportation, childcare, healthcare, court support, etc.


URR’s licensed therapists provide support to clients in the following ways:

  • Helping process trauma
  • Developing coping skills
  • Counseling for mental health
  • Setting achievable goals


URR’s licensed therapy staff includes:

  • Intimate Partner Violence Therapist works with survivors of intimate partner violence, stalking, or human trafficking, and secondary survivors of intimate partner violence
  • Sexual Assault Therapist works with survivors of sexual assault or human sex trafficking, and secondary survivors of sexual assault.
  • Youth Therapist works with youth survivors of childhood intimate partner violence
  • Co-victim of Homicide Therapist works with individuals who have lost a loved one to homicide including parents, siblings, partners, children, extended family members, and friends. Our homicide support services are available to ANYONE struggling with loss due to homicide, regardless of whether that homicide is domestic violence related. Please see the Coping with Homicide Loss brochure for more information on our homicide therapy services.

Support Groups

URR offers the following support groups:

Domestic Violence Women’s Support Group is offered for female adult survivors of domestic violence. Topics include defining abuse, patterns of abuse, safety planning, power and control, healing, self-esteem, and more.

Sexual Assault Support Group is offered for adult survivors of sexual assault. Topics include understanding trauma, self-esteem, coping strategies, safety, healthy boundaries, and more.

Parent Support Group is offered for non-offending parents who are adult survivors of abuse. Topics include impact of abuse on children, self-care for parents, low cost/no cost activities for families, community resources for families, goal setting and more.

Children’s Support Group is offered for youth who have witnessed abuse. Topics include feelings, divorce, safety, self-esteem, peer pressure and more.

Developing Employment Skills Group is offered to help survivors of abuse learn resume development, interviewing techniques, where to look for employment, how to overcome barriers to employment, how to dress for success and more.