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Safety & Resource Center
1230 South Washington Ave
Saginaw, MI 48601

*No mail will be accepted at this address

Business Line: 989-755-0413
24 Hour Helpline: 989-755-0411
24 Hour Toll Free:  888-399-8385
24 Hour Text Phone: 989-770-8892

Outreach/Administrative Offices
5647 State Street, Ste. A
Saginaw, MI 48603

* Please send checks and other correspondence to this address

Phone: 989-399-0007
Fax: 989-399-0010

For more information:

To speak with an Advocate, contact the Program Director
or for immediate assistance call our 24 hour helpline at (989) 755-0411

To schedule a community presentation, speaker, or training, contact the
Community Engagement & Prevention Manager

For questions about donations or upcoming events, contact the Development Director

For information about volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Coordinator

Contact the Underground Railroad Resale Store Manager

For general information,